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Spinal Cord Injuries & Paralysis

In an instant, a motor vehicle accident or other incident can leave you with a spinal cord injury and paralysis. When another individual’s negligence has caused these life-changing injuries, he or she needs to be held responsible for the financial, physical and emotional impact that the injury has on your life.

At the Rome, Georgia, office of , our trusted spinal cord injury lawyers take these cases very seriously. We use more than 60 years of combined personal injury experience when handling spinal cord, traumatic brain and other injuries. We strive to see that justice is done, and the case is resolved in a way that suits your needs: past, present and future.

Your Spinal Cord

Though it is protected by bone and muscle, your spinal cord is actually very delicate. Any injury to the cord can cause loss of function in numerous body parts. The severity of the spinal cord injury and movement limitations are directly related to where the injury has occurred on the spinal cord. The higher the injury, the more severe the paralysis.

Our firm handles cases involving all levels of spinal cord injuries, as well as herniated discs and broken vertebra. These injuries can also limit your ability to move, bend and stretch, and can seriously impact your ability to live your life as you did before the injury occurred.

In addition to handling spinal cord injuries, we also handle general neck and back injuries that have resulted from a motor vehicle or other accident.

Trust Your Case To Our Experienced Attorneys

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