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Have Questions About Your DUI Charge? We Can Provide Answers.

It is all too easy for people to find themselves facing DUI charges. One extra beer at the barbecue or an extra glass of wine can make the difference between making it home safe and sound and being charged with drunk driving.

The father and son team at has been there to assist many of them fight the charges and protect their rights and driving privileges. If you find yourself charged with DUI, our firm is ready to answer any questions you may have and assist you with your case.

Common DUI Defense-Related Questions

What does this mean for my future? This is one of the first questions people tend to ask after being charged with drunk or otherwise impaired driving. If you choose not to fight a DUI charge, you could:

  • Lose your license — temporarily or permanently, depending on your record
  • Spend time behind bars
  • Have to pay significant fines

Allowing a DUI conviction on your record by choosing not to fight the matter in court could hurt you down the line with increased insurance rates and enhanced penalties if you face similar charges in the future.

Is it really possible to fight a DUI charge? Many people are prepared to accept whatever prosecutors are offering them because they believe fighting the charge is impossible. You may be able to beat your DUI charge with the right defense strategy such as:

  • Questioning Breathalyzer results
  • Challenging officer’s actions
  • Seeking to invalidate field sobriety test results

Our lawyers can investigate the details of your case and assist you in choosing a defense strategy that will benefit you in court.

Will I lose my license? Whether you are a first-time or repeat offender, losing your license is a possibility regardless of conviction. If you refused a Breathalyzer test, the state typically requires a 12-month administrative suspension. If convicted, license suspension or revocation may be part of your sentence. It may be possible to fight license suspension, but you must act quickly as you only have 30 days to request a hearing to appeal the matter.

Experience Matters When Fighting A DUI Charge

The lawyers at have over 60 years of combined experience assisting individuals facing DUI and other criminal charges in Rome and throughout Georgia. We are prepared to help you whether you find yourself facing a first-time or repeat DUI offense. Call our firm at 706-622-9812 or contact us online for a consultation.