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Do Not Let A Drug Charge Destroy Your Life

If the police arrested you on a drug charge, whether it is for possession, sales or trafficking, the penalties associated with a conviction can be quite severe. The state of Georgia does not treat drug crimes lightly.

How you approach your case in court could make all the difference between walking away penalty-free, achieving probation and being sentenced to months or years in prison. The lawyers at have 60 years of combined experience assisting the residents of Rome and the surrounding area tackle drug charges in court.

Your Fourth Amendment Rights Matter

The key to successfully fighting most drug crime cases is the Fourth Amendment. Police officers must follow certain protocols when searching a person or their property for drugs. If they fail to follow that procedure they may be violating the accused’s Fourth Amendment rights — which offers protection against unreasonable searches and seizures.

If you believe you are the victim of a Fourth Amendment rights violation, it is certainly worth exploring. If the police failed to follow protocol, any evidence gathered may be inadmissible, which could certainly prove helpful to your case.

Drug Court May Be An Option

Depending on the details of your case, you may be eligible for drug court. This is a court-sponsored drug rehabilitation program. If you complete the program in its entirety, you can avoid having a conviction placed on your record. If you would like to know if this is an option for you, our lawyers can review the eligibility requirements with you to see if you might qualify. It is generally reserved for first-time, nonviolent offenders.

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