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Domestic Violence Charges Can Be Damaging In A Number Of Ways

For those facing criminal charges related to domestic violence in Rome, Georgia, and the surrounding areas, it is critical that you begin taking action to protect your rights immediately. The father and son team at has seen how accusations of domestic violence can damage a person’s family life and reputation within the community. We are prepared to assist those accused of domestic violence defend themselves and seek the best outcomes possible.

Immediate Consequences May Follow Accusations Of Domestic Violence

As this is a significant issue, one that the state takes seriously, those accused of committing acts of violence against their loved ones or significant others will face immediate consequences. If police are called to investigate a potential domestic violence situation and any evidence of abuse is present, the accused will be arrested and taken to jail — no questions asked. Following this individual’s release, he or she will be subject to the terms set in a family violence temporary protective order (TPO). Common restrictions include:

  • Inability to return to a shared residence
  • No contact with the alleged victim
  • No contact with one’s children
  • Required random drug and alcohol testing
  • Inability to possess firearms or other weapons

Many people find the TPO difficult to abide by. If you do violate the TPO, you may face further criminal charges, which will not help your situation. Our firm is ready to help you understand what you need to do to stay compliant with the TPO. We may also be able to assist you in regaining access to your firearms if that is something you desire.

Experience Matters When Fighting Domestic Violence Charges

At , we have over 60 years of combined experience assisting people who have been accused of domestic violence. We know that a conviction could mean immediate and drastic changes to your life. Our firm believes that all individuals accused of criminal offenses deserve their day in court with qualified legal representation on their side. Contact us to review your case by calling 706-622-9812 or filling out our online contact form.