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A Law Firm Fighting For Drunk Driving Accident Victims

Drunk driving is an irresponsible and dangerous behavior that often causes significant harm to innocent people. At , we hold drunk drivers accountable for accidents and fight on behalf of the injured. If you are the victim of a drunk driving accident in Rome, Georgia, or anywhere else throughout the state, our experienced team can help you.

A drunk driving accident can leave you with significant medical bills, expenses and other losses, as well as a lengthy and painful recovery period. Our attorneys focus on securing what you need for a full and fair recovery, which includes compensation for medical bills, future needs and emotional trauma. We have secured numerous multimillion-dollar settlements for our clients, and we will fight for a positive outcome for you.

How Can Our Experienced Team Help?

Our father-son legal team has over 60 years of combined legal experience and have been serving the local Rome community for over 50 years. We know the challenges you can face after an accident, and we strive to provide both compassionate guidance and effective representation of your interests during this difficult time. As experienced personal injury lawyers, we will fight for the compensation you deserve in the following ways:

  • Carefully evaluate your case and identify liable parties
  • Investigate your case and determine an appropriate course of action
  • Speak with insurance companies and negotiate a settlement on your behalf

Whether it is during trial or around the negotiating table, we will diligently protect your best interests and fight for your future after a drunk driving accident.

What Is Dram Shop Liability?

In some cases, a third party may be liable for your accident. If a bar, restaurant or another type of establishment served or sold alcohol to a clearly intoxicated person who then caused an accident, that business may be partially liable for damages. Our experience in complex personal injury cases and serious injury claims allows us to identify all liable parties and all sources of potential compensation.

Do Not Wait To Get The Help You Deserve

After an accident, it would be wise to take quick action to secure the help you need to protect your rights and interests. Contact our conveniently located Rome office at 706-622-9812 or complete the online contact form for a free evaluation of your case.