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What is Joshua’s Law?

| Dec 8, 2021 | Car Accidents | 0 comments

A driver’s license means independence for many, especially teenagers. Recently, Georgia enacted legislation to keep the roads safer by requiring 17-year-olds to complete driver’s education classes before getting a license.

Joshua’s Law not only raises the age for driver’s ed but also imposes further limitations on teen drivers. Delve into some of the specifics of Georgia teen driving laws.

Teen drivers statistics

The number of teens involved in car accidents is startling. According to the CDC, teens are most at risk for car crashes. Fatality rates for teen drivers are three times higher than any other age range. Thus, car accidents remain the top cause of death for teens across the board.

Parental responsibilities

Joshua’s Law aims at the group of people most likely to influence teen driving habits: Parents. Parents typically bear the responsibility for teaching their children to drive. Part of this is following traffic laws themselves, including staying off the phone and following the speed limit.

Other restrictions

Teen drivers must adhere to certain restrictions after getting a license to allow teens to get more driving experience. The goal of this is to deter teens from risky driving practices. Teens may not drive between midnight and 5:00 a.m. The law also restricts the passengers in a teen driver’s vehicle. Only family members may ride along with a teen driver for the first six months. For the next six months, one teen peer may ride along.

The purpose of Joshua’s Law is to ensure that teens have more experience and knowledge before hitting the road solo. Providing them with more restrictions and a higher standard of education may help reduce accidents and tragedy.