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What unique problems do trucks face on the road?

On Behalf of | May 28, 2021 | Truck Accidents | 0 comments

You may notice a variety of truck accidents while driving on the road. Big rigs or 18-wheelers can often flip over and cause a devastating crash.

The massive size of these vehicles can cause a sizeable amount of damage, due to their tough handling and other unique issues.

Driving with heavy freight

According to FindLaw, the amount of freight a truck carries can be the source of many accidents. Overloading the truck, or ignoring the weight limits, is one dangerous way to carry more in a single trip.

However, it leads to a more unstable vehicle and a higher likelihood of a crash. If not handled correctly, a truck could tip over during a sharp turn. If there are flammable materials on board, it could also cause serious fire damage to anyone around it.


While smaller cars or motorcycles may not need as much time to stop, commercial trucks can lose control in some conditions. Jackknifing happens when the trailer behind the front of the truck bends forward near the front, much like a pocket knife closing.

Not only can this harm people inside the truck, but it can also cause a pile-up of cars since the truck cannot move.


Due to the fact trucks typically need two lanes to complete a turn, an accident can occur if a truck driver does not alert others while turning. Trucks may seem unpredictable unless a driver signals and uses his or her lights and mirrors.

The size of a commercial truck means anyone who crashes into it will likely receive more damage. Knowing the risks of driving alongside trucks on the road is important for anyone in a smaller vehicle.