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Can I get drug charges in Georgia for prescription medication?

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2020 | Drug Charges | 0 comments

Prescribed medications in Georgia can easily become illegal drugs, particularly when they are a controlled or scheduled substance. Georgia has strict laws about the distribution and possession of controlled medications. 

While most know that it is illegal to use someone else’s prescription, many do not realize that they could face charges for their own prescriptions if they do not abide by certain rules. 

Storing and traveling with medications

Pharmacists and professionals must abide by strict laws governing the way they handle and dispense controlled substances. When they do dispense a medication, state law requires that they provide the medication in a container with a label reporting the patient’s name and address, the prescriber’s name, the pharmacy’s name and address, and the prescription and expiration dates. 

State law requires recipients to keep their medication in this container at all times. 

Possession of a controlled substance — even if it is your own prescription — is only legal while you keep the drug in its original container. While it is likely that a court will drop or reduce your charges if you can prove that you had the drug under a prescription, they do not have to do so, and it is better to avoid the situation altogether. 

Possessing someone else’s medication

It is unlawful to share your prescription or to use a prescription that belongs to another person. Possession of a controlled substance unlawfully is a felony under Georgia law, and depending on the schedule of the drug, offenders may face up to 15 years in prison for a first offense. 

Even though a substance may have approved medical uses, Georgia and the Drug Enforcement Administration treat certain medications as legal only under strict conditions.