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3 Common myths about motorcycle helmets

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2020 | Motorcycle accidents | 0 comments

Most motorcyclists understand that their pastime is much riskier than taking a joyride in a car. However, when it comes to staying safe on a bike, there’s still a great deal of misinformation surrounding motorcycle safety that even the most seasoned bikers believe — especially when it comes to wearing a helmet.

Head injuries are the leading cause of death in fatal motorcycle crashes. Bikers who don’t wear a helmet are 40% more likely to suffer fatal head injuries. No matter how many times you’ve gotten home safely without a helmet, remember that accidents can happen at any time. Don’t let these three motorcycle helmet myths put you at risk on the streets:

1. Helmets just cause more injuries in an accident 

Many riders believe that the added weight of a motorcycle helmet will only result in severe neck or spinal cord injuries in an accident. Of course, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only has research proven that wearing a helmet decreases the number and severity of spinal cord injuries in a collision, but bikers without helmets were at significantly higher risk of severe neck injuries.

2. Helmets impair your hearing and sight

There’s a common misbelief that motorcycle helmets put riders in danger by obscuring their vision and impairing their hearing on the road. The truth is helmets limit less than 3% of a rider’s peripheral vision and protect your eyes from road debris. As for hearing, helmets do cut down on the volume of sounds, but they don’t affect the rider’s ability to hear and distinguish sounds on the road.

3. Helmets laws violate your rights

Some bikers believe that helmet laws only exist to take away their personal freedom. But just as motorists must abide by traffic safety laws like wearing a seatbelt, using a child safety seat for children and not driving under the influence, motorcyclists must abide by helmet laws for their safety. As with all highway safety laws, failing to obey puts you and others on the road at risk of serious injuries or death.