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FAQs regarding DUI license reinstatement in Georgia

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2020 | DUI Defense | 0 comments

If you are convicted of drunk driving in Georgia, you will be faced with a few different penalties. One penalty is the loss of driving privileges, after which motorists can take steps to have their licenses reinstated. 

What are implied consent laws? 

All drivers in Georgia are subject to implied consent laws. These laws stipulate that motorists must submit to chemical testing if law enforcement suspects intoxication. Refusal of chemical testing results in an immediate license suspension of at least one year. Drivers who refuse to undergo testing are also not eligible to receive a limited driving permit, which is explained below. 

How long is license suspension when convicted of a DUI? 

For the first offense in a five-year period, the driver will be subject to a year-long suspension. Drivers are permitted to apply for reinstatement after 120 days of their suspension has passed, however. To be eligible for reinstatement, drivers must complete an approved DUI Alcohol/Drug Use Risk Reduction Program. Upon completion, the motorist will receive a certificate, which must be provided with reinstatement paperwork. Drivers must also pay the necessary reinstatement fees. For drivers aged 21 or older who are convicted of a first DUI offense, $200 must be paid for reinstatement. 

Can I receive a limited driving permit? 

Limited driving permits are provided to allow those whose licenses are suspended restricted driving privileges. In this case, you may be permitted to drive to school or work, to receive medical care, or to drive an immediate family member to work or school. These permits may also allow you to drive to mandatory court dates or to attend drug or alcohol courses or classes.