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Law enforcement has new breath test to see if driver is high

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2020 | DUI Defense | 0 comments

A DUI charge in Georgia can include driving while high on marijuana. While many people think of a breath test as only for those drinking and driving, this new breath test detects those who smoke pot and then drive. Driving high poses similar risks as those who drive under the influence of alcohol.

Driving while high has risen along with the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana across the nation. Driving after smoking pot puts the driver at double the risk of an accident. Currently, police officers can detect alcohol on a driver suspected of being under the influence of alcohol.

Testing is underway to approve a new device that tests the level of THC on a person’s breath. THC is the compound in marijuana that leads to the high experienced by users along with impaired judgment and slower reflexes. The new device can detect how much if any THC is on the driver’s breath.

The breathalyzer by the University of Pennsylvania is one of the cheaper options under research. The device tests for both THC and alcohol when the driver blows into the device. Incorporating the device into traffic stops can help eliminate some of the guessing currently done by law enforcement professionals.

Companies estimate that the new devices will be ready by the end of the year. The main concern about using the devices is determining at what amount of THC is a person’s driving ability impaired.

Regardless of whether the driver submitted to a breath test or not, a DUI is a serious charge. Using an attorney can help a driver face DUI charges in court.