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Is there a way to reduce the high number of fatal truck accidents?

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2019 | Truck Accidents | 0 comments

Large trucks help to keep the economy going. Without these trucks, your favorite stores in Georgia would have empty shelves. The gas station you visit would run out of gasoline. You would find it tough to even get your mail. Despite how much society needs large trucks, there is no denying that they represent a huge risk on the roads.

According to the Miami Herald, the rate of fatal truck accidents goes up each year with no real end in sight. Even with experts looking into the issue, there is no real solution. Government regulations try to limit issues with drowsy driving or overworked drivers, but even these laws have not been a solution. There really are no mandates in place that reduce the number of accidents or make trucks safer.

Even if you do not drive a large truck, it is still something that should concern you. The chances of you dying in an accident with a large truck are much greater than the driver of the truck suffering an injury in the same accident. So, this is a problem for everyone on the roads.

Some suggestions for fixing the problem include emergency braking systems and forward collision warning systems on trucks. Of course, that would apply only to new rigs, and it would take some time for the industry to add these regulations for every truck. While there is a lot of technology available, the issues with implementation and passing laws to mandate such technology is not something that can happen overnight.

In the meantime, the best protection against fatal truck accidents is for every driver to drive more responsible. Truck drivers need to avoid dangerous activities, such as speeding and driving when drowsy. Other drivers need to give large trucks more space on the road and avoid cutting them off or following too close. This information is for education and is not legal advice.