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High school teacher gets 15 years of probation after DUI crash

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2019 | DUI Defense | 0 comments

As reported by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a Georgia high school teacher admitted to driving under the influence after crashing his pickup truck into a teenager while she was talking on her phone. The impact sent the 14-year-old girl flying into a nearby barbecue grill, which caused her to lose part of one leg.

The father and son legal team at The Hoyt Firm are no strangers when it comes to fighting DUI charges in Georgia. Our primary objective is defending you from the prosecutor’s allegations so that a DUI charge does not result in a conviction. If convicted, however, you may not receive a harsh punishment that can significantly affect your future or prevent you from working.

Prosecutors discovered that the high school teacher drank a bottle of rum in its entirety before the accident. With a blood alcohol level reportedly two times over the legal limit, the teacher faced charges of driving without insurance, causing a serious injury by motor vehicle and DUI. While his sentence could have resulted in 15 years of jail time, the teenager he hit told the court that neither she nor her family wished for the man’s life to be “wrecked.”

The teacher instead received a sentence consisting of 15 years of probation and 180-days served in a detention center. The judge also ordered him to pay restitution, a $5,000 fine and perform 300 hours of service to the community. As part of his sentencing and community service, he lectures high school students on the dangers of driving while drinking. While his punishment may seem extreme to some, he did not lose his teaching license and continues to work in education.

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