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Tips for sharing the road with pedestrians

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2019 | Car Accidents | 0 comments

As summer winds down in Georgia and families get in last minute road trips and vacations, the risks of accidents are still present. This is particularly true in places where pedestrians are common, and they do not see eye to eye with drivers. From jaywalking to ignoring crosswalks, both parties are at fault for many accidents, but there are tips drivers can use to safely share the road with walkers.

According to Esurance, there are three pedestrian groups who are most at risk for accidents and they include the following:

  • Kids from five to nine
  • Seniors 65 or older
  • Pedestrians under the influence of drugs or alcohol

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that there were close to 6,000 pedestrians killed in 2017 from accidents, a number that is up significantly since a decade ago. Each year there are thousands of accidents that could be avoided if both pedestrians and cars were more aware of the other party. One way to minimize risk is to always slow down for crosswalks. They do not always get the respect they deserve from drivers and they are a designated space for pedestrians to cross the street.

Drivers should be especially careful in parking lots, as more than half of back-over accidents occur in parking lots. Because parking lots are full of both cars and pedestrians, they are a prime atmosphere for accidents.

Kids are not typical pedestrians. They may not know the rules of the road or understand the physics of what can happen when a car is coming and cannot stop. They may run into the street in front of a driver, so everyone should be careful around playgrounds, school zones and parks.

Neither drivers nor pedestrians want to deal with accidents and tragic injuries that come from them. By being a little more aware, drivers can reduce the risks of accident and even death.