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How can you avoid getting into a truck crash?

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2019 | Truck Accidents | 0 comments

Truck accidents have many causes, but some of the most common include distractions, exhaustion and speeding. Drivers may rush to get to their destinations to receive bonuses for delivery times or may skip breaks to meet tight deadlines. When they don’t get the rest they need or are in a hurry, drivers are more likely to cause serious collisions.

As someone who uses the highway often, you know that there is a chance that you could be involved in a collision with a truck driver. You do your best to stay out of the way of large vehicles, but other drivers can be unpredictable. What can you do to stay safe? Here are two tips.

Give trucks plenty of room

You should always give truck drivers plenty of room when you approach. Whether you’re crossing into the lane or coming to a stop, make sure you give the driver time to see what you’re planning to do and that you don’t pass too closely to the vehicle. You always want to place around one vehicle’s width between you and the next car or truck for every 10 mph you’re traveling. This gives everyone plenty of time to maneuver and stop when necessary.

Report unusual acts

Another thing you can do to help yourself and others is to report any unusual behaviors. For example, if you notice a truck weaving in and out of the lane, call the police and report the driver’s license plate number. They can pull over the driver, and, at the very least, they’ll be able to make sure the driver is okay.

These are two ways to prevent a crash with a truck. Be safe on highways, and be aware of what’s happening around you.