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2 firetrucks involved in crash in same location: Questions raised

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2019 | Truck Accidents | 0 comments

When there are multiple accidents in the same area, there has to be a question about what is causing them. For example, Walton County, Georgia, has had several serious collisions occur in nearly the same location. Two involved local fire trucks. A woman living near the crash site said there had been around a half-dozen crashes in the last few months, and the two trucks that were involved in the latest were among the newest victims.

The firefighter involved in the latest crash was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital, where they were placed in the ICU. Three others were sent home to recover from their injuries.

Now, the Georgia State Patrol is looking into this unusual set of circumstances. There is a chance that the two fire trucks crashing in the same location is a coincidence, though it is unlikely. In fact, it was only a week earlier that the other fire truck crashed in almost the same location.

When there are road hazards that result in people getting hurt, it’s important that they are addressed as soon as possible. The state could be liable if there are known hazards. Additionally, unsafe conditions caused by other hazards could result in towns, cities or other local governments being held accountable for multiple crashes and personal injuries.

It’s fortunate that no one was killed in these collisions, but people are still hurt and recovering. It’s necessary for hazardous road conditions to be addressed, especially when they start to threaten the people who are there to help others when they’re in need.