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Everyone on the road has a role in preventing motorcycle crashes

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2018 | Car Accidents | 0 comments

Motorcycle crashes are among some of the deadliest and most injurious collisions year after year. Motorcyclists and their passengers are at a heightened level of exposure and risk of injury from collisions. While it is important that these riders take the necessary safety precautions to avoid accidents and injury, the responsibility of motorcycle safety does not stop there.

Every person on the road, whether operating a two, three, four or 18-wheeled vehicle, can contribute to the safety of motorcyclists in Georgia. In addition to the training and safety precautions these riders take, drivers need to do their part in understanding and mitigating the risks of serious injury or death in a motorcycle collision.

What drivers should consider

Drivers in Georgia need to remember that motorcyclists and their passengers are your fellow travelers. They too want to get from point A to point B safely, but that does take some effort and extra consideration from those around them. As you’re driving a motor vehicle, keep some important considerations in mind.

  • Always use a vehicle’s turn signal to indicate intended movements before you make them. Before changing lanes or turning across lanes of traffic, initiate the signal and wait a few seconds so others can see your actions before you begin moving the vehicle.
  • Take another look in blind spots and around your vehicle before making lane changes. One look is often not sufficient to spot smaller vehicles and potential roadway obstructions.
  • Follow far enough behind a motorcycle so you can stop the vehicle in case of a rapid decrease in speed. Leave about four seconds of space, at least, when following behind a motorcycle.
  • Respect the space of motorcyclists. These vehicles get an entire lane of traffic to themselves, the same as a car or larger vehicle. Don’t crowd in next to a motorcycle in one traffic lane.

Motorcyclists take safety precautions

Motorcyclists know the added risks associated with driving these types of vehicles. In addition to the necessary training and knowledge needed to obtain a license, riders can take added precautions and stay up to date on their riding knowledge. Even advanced riders can benefit from training courses over time to refresh their skills.

Motorcycle safety should be a top priority for all persons on the road, no matter what vehicle you choose to use. It is often not enough to think that others will take safety precautions, so it is on every person in every vehicle to contribute to the safety of Georgia’s roadways.

An accident involving a motorcycle can have devastating, catastrophic effects for the long-term. Consider the safety of your fellow travelers as you operate any vehicle. It can make all the difference for those in a more vulnerable, exposed position than yourself.