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Know more about drug classification and how it affects you

There are five schedules of drugs that you should understand. A substance's classification can create a major difference in the penalties you face, which is why it's important to be clear on which drugs that are present as evidence in your case.

The five schedules include:

  • Schedule I: Drugs with no medical purpose and a high risk of abuse
  • Schedule II: Drugs with a high risk of abuse and medical use in some restricted situations
  • Schedule III: Drugs with lower chances of abuse but also with accepted medical purposes
  • Schedule IV: Drugs with low chances of abuse and accepted medical uses
  • Schedule V: Drugs with extremely low risks of abuse and well-accepted medical uses.

What are 2 good DUI defenses?

There are a number of reasons why a person might choose to drink and drive. Perhaps they don't think that they've had too much to drive. Maybe there was an emergency. Whatever the situation is or was, the reality is that drinking and driving can result in an arrest and penalties.

While there is a significant risk of going to jail or being penalized with heavy fines, there are good ways to defend yourself against a DUI charge. While not all defenses will result in you being proven innocent, they could help reduce the penalties you face.

FedEx trucks crash, leave debris across highway

When packages need to be delivered, FedEx and other services begin to travel with them in their commercial vehicles. Unfortunately, if they travel too closely together, there is a high risk of a crash.

When a vehicle carrying mail or packages crashes, it's a horrible situation. In Georgia, two FedEx trucks crashed on Interstate 75. Packages spilled across the roadway and to the side of the road.

Driving in bright sunlight: dangers and tips

As fall progresses into winter, the days are getting shorter and shorter. This means that there is a great chance that on your way home from work, you will be met with looking straight into the setting sun. This can be uncomfortable at the least, and blinding at the most.

A published on NCBI shows that there is an increase in risk of crashing when bright sunlight is present. What are the biggest hazards of driving in the bright sun and what can you do to help yourself stay safe when the sun becomes too much?

Drug courts can help people when they need it most

Drug charges are significant enough that people who have convictions may struggle to find work or get their lives back on track. As a result, many who go to jail or who serve sentences find it's difficult to go back to a normal lifestyle. That problem leads to further drug use, crime and penalties.

The good news is that the court system is starting to understand what people deal with as drug users or as those with drug-related convictions. Alternative penalties through the drug courts are of a huge benefit to these individuals.

What is the leading killer of people under 45?

Attorneys use a lot of terminology that you might not hear in day to day life. One of those phrases is “unintentional injury.” It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but it’s important to talk about.

Unintentional injury is the leading cause of death for people under age 45 in the United States. A closer look at the statistics confirms that over 60,000 Americans died from such causes in 2016 (the most recent data available), which is nearly double the total deaths from medical conditions such as heart disease and cancer among that age group.

Everyone on the road has a role in preventing motorcycle crashes

Motorcycle crashes are among some of the deadliest and most injurious collisions year after year. Motorcyclists and their passengers are at a heightened level of exposure and risk of injury from collisions. While it is important that these riders take the necessary safety precautions to avoid accidents and injury, the responsibility of motorcycle safety does not stop there.

Every person on the road, whether operating a two, three, four or 18-wheeled vehicle, can contribute to the safety of motorcyclists in Georgia. In addition to the training and safety precautions these riders take, drivers need to do their part in understanding and mitigating the risks of serious injury or death in a motorcycle collision.


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